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Building Integrated Power Generation

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Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (n/ZEB) or Plus Energy Buildings (PEB) can only be realised by integrating building with power generation systems. Total installed capacity of building integrated power genera-tion systems stand at 1,678 MW at the end of 2012 of which solar PV constitutes about 1,000 MW and the rest 678 MW is harvested from wind turbines.


The demand for PV in building sector is highly driven by the increased emphasis on energy efficiency in building sector. Definitive and voluntary policy instruments targeted at both increasing the share of renewable energy as well as decreasing the energy consumption in buildings serve as growth factors. However, there is a need to well educate end users of the benefits of BIPV making them aware of the existing policy instruments and how they perceive aesthetic benefits of BIPV. Excessive red tapes in market needs to be removed. Capacity building measures such as sensitising designers and architects, increasing qualified service providers for PV installation need to be taken up.


Building integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems and Building mounted/integrated and Urban wind Turbines are most popular building integrated power generation technologies.



The cost effectiveness of renewable energy technologies can be assessed by a parameter known as Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). LOCE provides an esitmate of the cost of electricity generation by a renewable energy system over its lifetime by taking into account the capital, installation and maintenance costs of the renewable energy source as compared to the utility electricity price. It has to be noted that besides the said costs LOCE also highly depends on the financing, discounting and feedback tariff of renewable energy systems.


Sriraj Gokarakonda
Christopher Moore


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