Good Practice Technology Examples available: Rocket stove & Save80stove

Oct. 9, 2014

bigEE presents two cooking stove types, the Rocket stove and the Save80 stove, that can help users to reduce biomass input by up to 70% and 80% respectively:

According to bigEE estimates, increasing energy efficiency of domestic cooking stoves and ovens has the potential to reduce global GHG emissions associated with biomass combustion by a third. On a global scale, heating food above an open fire fuelled by biomass is still the predominant way of cooking, particularly in the developing world. Against the backdrop of rocketing populations and increasing urbanization, this practice causes significant GHG emissions and has led to regional deforestation and air quality degradation within homes and in urban environments. In developing countries especially, energy improvements can be achieved at rather low costs and on a wide scale by promoting the use of energy saving technology.

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