bigEE team presentations at International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST) 2016

Sept. 15, 2016

bigEE team members attended International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST) 2016 with presentations on bigEE.

Members of the bigEE team presented and discussed research results at the 7th International Sustainability Transitions Conference. The conference was hosted this year jointly by the Wuppertal Institute, The University Wuppertal, the TransZent Centre for Transformation Research and Sustainability and the Sustainable Transitions Research Network.

In the Paper Session “Governance of Transitions” Thomas Götz and Lena Tholen presented the paper “Application of a transition cycle approach in the context of sustainable product policy: International programme evaluation case study for the South African Standards and Labelling Programme for Residential Appliances”

Related to the theme of the conference "Exploring Transition Research as Transformative Science" Kilian Topp chaired a dialogue session on learning and linkages between India and Germany where a focus was on sustainable pathways in the fast growing construction sector and challenges for the governance of the urban built environment.

Abstracts of the Sessions are available here.

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