Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Buildings-bigEE Initiative – Workshop Proceedings on Energy Efficiency in India

Jan. 9, 2017

bigEE team members attended a workshop on energy efficiency in buildings in India together with Indian partners.

Centre for Research on Sustainable Building Science (CRSBS), TERI and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in partnership with Wuppertal Institute, Germany, organized a one-day stakeholder workshop on “bigEE initiative for optimizing energy efficiency in buildings” on 17th November at Amaltas hall, India Habitat Centre. Bridging the information gap on Energy Efficiency (bigEE) in buildings is an international initiative by research institutes for technical and policy advice and public agencies in the field of energy and climate, co-ordinated by the Wuppertal Institute, Germany. The outcome of the partnership is to create an international web-based knowledge platform for energy efficiency policies in buildings, building-related technologies, and appliances in the world’s main climatic zones. The Workshop received an overwhelming response from the participants and panellists.

The overall objective of this stakeholder capacity building workshop, was on advancing energy efficiency technologies and policies in buildings to:

  • raise the capacity of the policy-makers to develop and implement holistic strategies for energy efficiency in buildings
  • stimulate discussions on how to strengthen local policies for energy efficiency in buildings
  • introduce the bigEE knowledge platform and demonstrate its added value for policy-makers’ strategic and operational level decisions

Access the workshop proceedings for Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Buildings in India-bigEE Initiative on bigEE.net.

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