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Energy Efficiency Management for Large-scale commercial and public sector (LCP) buildings (especially government office buildings )

  • Location:

  • Types of policy:
    • Financial Incentives for ULEB and deep retrofits
    • Other legal requirements
    • Policy roadmap and targets for Ultra-Low-Energy Buildings

  • Implementation period:
    2007 to present

  • Year of latest revision:

  • Title in original language:

Since 2007, the Chinese government released a set of policies, including targets and planning, financial incentives, and legal requirements, to establish the energy efficiency supervision and management systems for Large-scale Commercial and Public sector (LCP) buildings. The policy set made significant progress; from 2005 to 2010, the cumulative energy savings was 329,124 TJ.


  • Shen, Mi (Author)
  • Yan, Tao (Author)
  • Liu, Shuai (Author)

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