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Promotion of Energy Performance Contracting

  • Location:

  • Type of policy:
    Promotion of energy services for energy savings

  • Implementation period:
    2010 to present

The policy set contains industry development guidance, financial incentives, and a technical guideline to promote energy performance contracting in the industry, building, and transport sectors in China. The industry development guidance specifies the development target of the energy service sector in China and proposes supportive policies and measures. The financial incentives (including grants and tax incentives) reward energy saving achievement to qualified energy service companies. The technical guideline specifies technical requirements and provides a standard contract sample.


  • Shen, Mi (Lead author)
  • Tan, Zichao (Lead author)
  • Thomas, Stefan (Reviewer)
  • Xia, Chun (Reviewer)

Official document

Official document code:

Policy 1: www.bigee.net/s/zc84j1
Policy 2: www.bigee.net/s/ai4mf2
Policy 3: www.bigee.net/s/di37bk

References and further reading

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