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Green Building Label and Award Scheme

  • Location:

  • Types of policy:
    • Competitions & awards
    • Public sector programmes
    • Financial Incentives for ULEB and deep retrofits
    • Policy roadmap and targets for Ultra-Low-Energy Buildings
    • Mandatory energy performance certificates & equipment labels

  • Implementation period:
    2004 to present

  • Year of latest revision:

  • Title in original language:

The aim of this policy set is to provide recognition, certification and development strategy for the design and construction of green buildings and development areas. The six categories for green building are: 1) land use efficiency and outdoor environment; 2) energy saving and use; 3) water saving and use; 4) construction material saving and use; 5) indoor environmental quality; 6) operation management.
Exceptional projects can receive the Green Building Innovative Award, while all projects are able to receive the Green Building Label. So far, around 70 projects have received the Award in three rounds. In2012, there were about 187 certified projects overall, but there are additional projects under local certification schemes. In the future, the label will gradually become mandatory with various levels according to the different situations in each city.
The national subsidy for certified green buildings is 45 RMB per square metre for a 2-Star green building, and 80 RMB per square metre for a 3-Star green building.


  • Ning, Feng (Author)
  • Shen, Mi (Author)
  • Tao, Yan (Author)

Official document

Official document code:

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Policy 2: www.bigee.net/s/nthjxq
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Policy 10: 国办发[2013]1号 www.bigee.net/s/1i8tbn 

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