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China Energy Label (Energy Label)

  • Location:

  • Type of policy:
    Mandatory comparative labelling scheme

  • Implementation period:
    2005 to present

China energy label is a mandatory energy labelling scheme. Each product which is included by this labelling scheme has to be stuck a label on the product or the product package. It covers more than 35 energy using products and is the largest energy efficiency information program for consumers in China.
It is applied not only to household appliances, commercial and office equipment but also to industrial equipment such electric motors and air compressors.
The label is a categorical label with three or five energy efficiency tiers. Tier 1 illustrates the highest energy efficiency level, tier 3 or 5 illustrate the lowest energy efficiency level.


  • Bo, Hu (Lead author)
  • Feiyan, Zhao (Lead author)
  • Tan, Zheng (Author)

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