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Savings Lamp Scheme (BLY)

  • Location:
    Nation wide India

  • Type of policy:
    Financial Incentives for ULEB and deep retrofits

  • Implementation period:
    2009 to present

  • Title in original language:
    Bachat Lamp Yojana

Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) is the policy for distribution of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) to Indian households under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. It is an innovative initiative put in place by the Central Government of India to enhance lighting efficiency in the Indian household sector by making CFLs available at prices comparable to that of inefficient Incandescent Lamps (ICLs). It targets replacement of about 400 million incandescent bulbs in use in the country, leading to a possible reduction of 4,000 MW of electricity demand, and a reduction of about 24 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. BLY has taken off majorly in five states in India: Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab and Delhi. 

The lamps distributed under BLY confirms to IS 15111 standards with technical specifications of lamp life greater than or equal to 6,000 hours, power factor greater than or equal to 0.85. The CFLs distributed under this carries a BLY Logo to avoid resale.


  • Jindal, Ashish (Lead author)
  • Tewari, Deepak (Reviewer)
  • Tholen, Lena (Reviewer)

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