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National Mission on Sustainable Habitat (NMSH)

  • Location:

  • Type of policy:
    Targets and planning

  • Implementation period:
    2008 to present

The National Mission on Sustainable Habitat (NMSH) is a set of strategies, which maps out long term actions to mitigate climate change. It is one of the eight missions released by the Prime Minister of India in June 2008 under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. It is highly advisory in nature and provides guidelines to key actors like the central and state governments, city-level administration, government certification bodies, research universities and other government agencies for implementing climate change mitigation measures. It maps out long term strategies and actions to be taken to promote sustainability in habitats through promotion of energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings; water, waste water and solid waste management, and through urban transport and urban planning. 

For the promotion of energy efficiency in buildings it promotes the development of national energy performance standards and their integration into building bye-laws, capacity building and R&D objectives. For different components of the mission estimated investments needed for pilot projects over roughly an eight year period from 2009 to 2017 are also indicated, with those relating to energy efficiency amounting to little over INR 1.17 billion (Ministry of Urban Development, 2015).


  • Aggarwal, Dhruvak (Lead author)
  • Tholen, Lena (Reviewer)

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