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Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP) (MCEP)

  • Location:
    South Africa

  • Types of policy:
    • Financial Incentives for ULEB and deep retrofits
    • Financial incentives

  • Implementation period:
    2012 to 2018

  • Year of latest revision:

  • Title in original language:
    Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP)

The Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP) provides financial incentives to existing manufacturers for expanding or upgrading facilities. While MCEP consists of several supplementary programmes, one of its key components is the Green Technology and Resource Efficiency Improvement (GTREI) grant.
GTREI seeks to facilitate investment in green technologies and production processes including energy efficiency. Through the GTREI eligible companies can recoup up to 50% of costs incurred.


  • Covary, Theo (Lead author)
  • Adisorn, Thomas (Reviewer)

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