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Utilities’ Refrigerator replacement programme

The programme aims to help low-income households save money and reduce energy consumption by replacing old, inefficient refrigerators at no cost to them. It also recycles the old model. During 2008-2010, 45 electricity distribution companies participated in the programme, replacing more than 380,000 refrigerators to save almost 190,000 MWh/year and reduce peak demand by more than 23,000 kW.


  • Jannuzzi, Gilberto De Martino (Lead author)
  • Gomes, Rodolfo Dourado Maia (Author)
  • Tholen, Lena (Reviewer)
  • Thomas, Stefan (Reviewer)

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  • Location:

  • Types of policy:
    • Energy saving obligations for energy companies
    • Financial incentives

  • Implementation period:
    1998 to present

  • Year of latest revision:

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