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Building Energy Rating (BER)

Like all Member States of the European Union (EU), Ireland has introduced Building Energy Performance Certificates, called Building Energy Rating (BER) in Ireland. However, in contrast to most Member States, Ireland has required building owners to present the BER to potential buyers or tenants, and is publishing the ratings in a public online database. This is likely to maximise market transparency and, hence, improve the effectiveness of the rating scheme. In October 2012, almost 330,000 Building Energy Ratings had been published in total (SEIA 2012, p. 4), out of a total building stock of 1.46 million permanently occupied dwellings (SEI 2009, p. 7).


  • Aydin, Vera (Lead author)
  • Andritzky, Paul (Author)
  • Thomas, Stefan (Reviewer)
  • Kiyar, Dagmar (Reviewer)

Official document

Official document code:

Building Control Bill 2005: www.bigee.net/s/mif8bp
Statutory Instrument SI No.666 of 2006: www.bigee.net/s/782rs1 

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Further Information available:
My Home Advice Centre - Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate in Ireland: www.bigee.net/s/8rs5e7
Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) (2008): Energy in the Residential Sector. 2008 Report. www.bigee.net/s/ip8chz


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  • Type of policy:
    Mandatory energy performance certificates & equipment labels

  • Implementation period:
    2006 to present

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