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Programme for the promotion of solar water heaters in Tunisia (PROSOL)

PROSOL (Programme de promotion des CES, promotion programme for SWH) is a programme for the development of the Tunisian solar water heater industry in order to replace fossil energies, in particular liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which is highly subsidised by the government. The programme includes several incentives for suppliers as well as for residential households as end-users.
In the case of suppliers, PROSOL provides a VAT exemption for finished or semi-finished products and raw materials, as well as from customs duties, as they are deemed as imported products or raw materials. Additionally, there is a top-down and bottom-up quality assurance system for suppliers and their products marketed within the programme framework to ensure aftersales service and improve the public image of the solar water heater.
Regarding the end-users, PROSOL includes the provision of a direct public subsidy for buying a solar water heater. Furthermore, for the remaining costs of the solar water heater, approximately 80%, PROSOL provides direct and simplified access to bank financing with credit recovery over 5 years via the electricity bill.


  • Marrouki, Sami (Lead author)

References and further reading

  • Lehr, Ulrike et. al (2011): Green Energy for the Arab Spring – Employment from renewable energy and energy efficiency in Tunisia. Study commissioned by GIZ on behalf of ANME.


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  • Implementation period:
    2005 to 2011

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    Programme de promotion des CES en Tunisie

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