bigEE makes energy efficiency in buildings and appliances transparent.

For investors, policy-makers and actors involved in implementation and consultancy.
The platform informs readers about energy efficiency options and savings potentials, net benefits and how policy can support achieving the savings. Targeted information is paired with examples of good practice.

Use the potential for cost effective energy-efficient appliances

Numerous studies have confirmed that enormous energy saving potentials of 60 to 85% can be realised by improving appliance energy efficiency, and that these are cost-effective and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As new technologies may allow even higher energy savings, global electricity demand for appliances in 2030 could be reduced by 1,500 TWh/yr, with the right policy support.

This guide was designed to help you find appropriate technologies and to operate appliances efficiently to reach ultra-low-energy consumption levels.


What you can find in the Guide

The Appliances Guide supports decision makers in implementing
energy efficiency techniques and technologies in appliances.

For this purpose the Appliances Guide

  • What users can save with efficient appliances
  • The potential to limit world energy use for products, highlighted by scenarios


  • How manufacturers can improve the energy efficiency of products
  • What policy can do and achieve for appliance efficiency

What users can save

Obtain expert advice on how much energy, water, and money users can save when purchasing the most energy-efficient appliances of a type available today. See also how much more could be saved through next generation appliances. Explore examples of good practice appliances, with information on cost and saving potentials.

Limiting World Energy Use
for Appliances

For the world overall and each of ten regions, see what the most energy-efficient appliances could save in terms of energy, money, and greenhouse gases by 2030.

Design Options for Manufacturers

Read detailed information for technical design options to further improve the energy efficiency of appliances, including key messages, potentials to energy efficiency, costs and savings.

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