bigEE makes energy efficiency in buildings and appliances transparent.

For investors, policy-makers and actors involved in implementation and consultancy.
The platform informs readers about energy efficiency options and savings potentials, net benefits and how policy can support achieving the savings. Targeted information is paired with examples of good practice.

Assist markets in becoming energy-efficient

This guide is designed to help you find an appropriate combination of policies and measures to gradually mainstream Ultra-Low-Energy New Buildings, high energy savings in building retrofit and operation, and super-efficient appliances.

Value chains for buildings and appliances are complex, and many different actors have to work together to achieve energy efficiency.

Policy is needed
A well-designed package of policies and measures must assist the various actors to harness energy efficiency.

The most advanced countries achieve additional energy savings of 1.5% each year, with net economic gains and many other benefits.


What you can find in the Guide

The Policy Guide supports policy makers in implementing energy efficiency policies and measures.

For this purpose the Policy Guide

  • Shows how a combination of different policies to an overall policy package can increase the effect of single policies, and presents examples for such packages
  • Describes types of policies and measures in detail


  • Illustrates these types with good practice examples from developing, emerging and industrialised countries
  • Gives background information on how to combine policies to packages, why policy is needed, and how to implement policies

Recommended Policy Package

Read how policies need to interact to be effective in achieving energy efficiency in new buildings, renovation, and appliances.

Policies and measures:
Package elements

Subdivided in governance framework and specific policies, in the ‘Policies and measures’ tab we present types of policies and measures in detail. This includes basic information, tips for design and implementation as well as figures on the impact of energy savings and costs.

bigEE good practice:
Package examples

The impact of well-combined policies is often larger than the sum of the individual expected impact. Explore in this section how different countries have implemented packages of policies and measures and what they have achieved with these policies.

bigEE good practice:
Policy examples

Find good practice examples from pro-active countries that successfully implemented policies and measures to strengthen energy efficiency. You can search by country or by policy type and explore the basic information, hints on design and implementation and detailed information on the impact.

bigEE essential reading:
Policy Guide Library

Read more detailed information on the analysis backing our policy recommendations, important documents by UN and other organisations, and several further background texts on energy efficiency policies and measures.

bigEE to go:
Print or save information

Need to present relevant information for decision makers, colleagues or partners or just want to take home and read later? bigEE offers the possibility to print or save all information conveniently and easily with one click of a button.


How policies need to interact

To make energy efficiency happen, policy must support all market actors in overcoming their multiple barriers. This usually requires a package of policies and measures with different functions – Policies need to interact!

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Why policy is needed

Find out about saving potentials and co-benefits, and learn why policy is needed to assist the various actors in overcoming their specific barriers and to strengthen their incentives to harness energy efficiency.

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How to design and implement policies

Successful policy needs careful planning and design, schemes to ensure compliance, and monitoring and evaluation to learn what works and what can be improved.

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Assist markets in becoming energy-efficient

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