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The figure below the different categories of lamps used to light our rooms, streets and industrial production facilities. Each of these lamp types has their strengths and weaknesses. In principle, lamps can be distinguished into three different categories - incandescent lamps, gas discharge lamps and, light-emitting diodes (LED). Each of the three categories we be further discerned into different subcategories. Lamps from each category have their specific applications, advantages and disadvantages. This section contains brief introduction to each lamp type.

LED- Light Emitting Diodes
CFL – Compact Fluorescent Lamps


Lighting sector is often sighted as one of the low hanging fruit of energy efficiency, as it can be both retrofitted easily and also provides an option to chose from the most efficient technologies irrespective of climate and building type, especially for general indoor lighting. Improvements in lighting can be therefore done by choosing or replacing existing low efficient lamp technologies by most efficient ones and by assigning appropriate lighting controls. However, as explained in the above section, a holistic lighting design is also very important to supplement efficient lighting technologies.

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