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Indira Paryavaran Bhawan

(nearly) Zero/Plus-Energy Building
Year 2013
Municipality South Delhi Municipal Corporation
Location New Delhi, India | OSM
State New Delhi
Area (TFA) 31400 m2
Dwellings None
Cost 535 EUR/m2
Consumption -14.2 kWh/m2/year (primary energy)
Specific Primary Energy Demand in KWh/m2a

Indira Paryavaran Bhawan is the new office for Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) India. Total built up area of the campus is 31,400 m2 and consist of two dwelling units. The construction of building was completed in 2013. The Building is certified under the GRIHA green building rating system, and holds a 5 star certification and is the first net zero building of India. The design approach of the building concentrates on natural ventilation, higher efficiency of electro mechanical system installed and utilization of renewable energy system in the building. Out of the total built up area of 31, 400 m2, only 11,967 m2 is air-conditioned and the rest of the building is naturally ventilated. The building is designed by Central Public Works Department, India.

Overall performance

The actual energy performance index of the Indira Paryavaran Bhawan building is 24.13kWh.m2/ year, based on the actual energy consumption of the building for the year 2013. Various measures were under taken to improve the overall performance of the building.

  • Direct line of sight to the outdoor environment to vision glazing for the building occupants for more than 90% of the building occupants.
  • All circulation spaces are naturally ventilated / shaded/ non air-conditioned.
  • Operable windows are proposed in the conditioned areas to stabilize/ utilize favourable outdoor conditions.

Cost and effectiveness

The total building cost is EUR 16,800,000, out of which the total electrical plus mechanical cost is EUR 6,241,200 and rest EUR 10,683,400 is the total civil cost of the building.


Ministry of Environment and Forest

Ministry of Environment and Forest

Public Works Department

Public Works Department

Construction company
Central Design Organization, CPWD

Building basics

Year of completion 2013
Number of units None
Number of occupants None people
Elevation None m

Building areas

Special features

  1. The large number of trees on site have been preserved and protected to preserve the literally cooler microclimate of this relatively green segment of city.
  2. All water has been recycled to create a zero waste water discharge building by utilizing a STP with FAB/MBBR (Fixed Bed Bioreactors/Moving Bed Bioreactors) technology.
  3. Low flow fixtures have been installed to reduce the water consumption by 64%
  4. Usage of native plants/trees and a judicious usage of sprinklers and drip irrigation help’s reduce the water requirement for landscaping.
  5. Low energy materials such as Tile terrazzo flooring combined with local stones, Jute bamboo composite internal doors, UPVS widows and sandstone jalis (patterned decorated perforations).

The building envelope construction comprises of heavy weight construction. The external walls of the building have a U factor of .221 W/m2K. The external wall construction consists of 30 cm thick AAC block, 7 cm thick mineral wool insulation, 12 cm thick air gap and 12 cm thick 'Fal-G' (proprietary blend of fly ash (Fa), lime (L) and gypsum (G)) block brick. The total surface area of the wall comes out to be 1,046 m2.

The external roof of the building consist of 2 cm thick clay tile, 6 cm thick cement mortar, 4 cm thick PUF insulation, 6 cm thick brick bat coba, 6 cm thick cement mortar,10 cm thick concrete. The total surface area of the roof is 876 m2.

Windows are double glazed with gas filling with a U-Value of 0.26 W/m2K and SHGC of 0.32 and aluminium frame.

Type of construction Middle
Shading Recessed windows

External walls
U-value 0.221 W/m2K
Total thickness 61.00 cm
Total area m2
Material Thickness Thermal conductivity λ
Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) block 30.00 cm None W/mK
Mineral Wool Insulation 7.00 cm None W/mK
Air Gap 12.00 cm None W/mK
Fal-G Brick Block 12.00 cm None W/mK
(From outside to inside)
Upper ceiling

From outside to inside.

U-value None W/m2K
Total thickness 34.00 cm
Total area m2
Material Thickness Thermal conductivity λ
Clay Tile 2.00 cm None W/mK
Cement Mortar 6.00 cm None W/mK
Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Insulation 4.00 cm None W/mK
Brick Bat Coba 6.00 cm None W/mK
Cement Mortar 6.00 cm None W/mK
Concrete 10.00 cm None W/mK
(From outside to inside)


U-value window 0.26 W/m2K
Total area 1693 m2
Glass infill Air
Coating/Tint None
Solar heat gain coefficient None
U-value glass None W/m2K
U-value window frame None W/m2K

Passive strategies

The Indira Paryavaran Bhawan office building for the ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has been planned in two blocks facing the north south direction, with a linear open court in the centre. The building block creates a porous block form to optimize the air flow movement throughout the site and the North-South orientation allows for optimum solar access and shading.

The entire roof surface of the building, the court is covered by solar PV panels. They protrude on the edges further create a shaded micro climate. Indira Paryavaran Bhawan is the first net zero building of India. All the corridors of the building are naturally ventilated. Optimum day-lit zone is maintained in the office spaces.

Additional information

The building is GRIHA 5 star rated Building.

Energy efficient central heating and cooling systems have been installed in the building.

Indoor design temperature summer 28 °C
Indoor design temperature winter 22 °C

Cooling system

Energy Efficient central cooling system has been installed in the building.
The air conditioning load is estimated as 440 TR for which 3 numbers of (2 working +1 stand by) two 240 TR and one number of 200 TR water-cooled screw chiller are installed. 

Variable air volume controlled fans are provided to each of the AHUs supplying air to the area where chilled beam system at zone is not provided. On all the other areas where the chilled beam system is provided at zone level constant volume AHU are providing the primary air. 

The latent load of the space is met by AHU and maximum possible sensible load is met by chilled beam supported by AHUs.

Ventilation system

The naturally ventilated office spaces in the building has open able windows fore ventilation purpose. The ventilation air requirement for the conditioned spaces is met by all AHUs on similar schedule (building is provided with two dedicated make-up air unit. Each make-up air unit is further provided with enthalpy based heat recovery system). Finally, the ancillary spaces like restrooms are facilitated with exhaust air fans, and staircases are naturally ventilated.

Power generation

A 930 kWp rooftop photovoltaic system has been installed in the building. The annual electricity generation is approximately 1,430,000 kWh (units).

Detailed information on installed power generators not known.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances

Energy efficient lighting has been used such as LED for outdoors and efficient tubular fluorescent lights have been installed in the interiors.

Primary energy consumption -169980.00 kWh/year
Primary energy consumption (ref. building) 1602400.00 kWh/year
Specific primary energy consumption -14.20 kWh/m2/year
Specific primary energy consumption (ref. building) 133.90 kWh/m2/year
Differentiated specific primary energy demand and production

Accumulated specific primary energy demand and production

The total building cost is EUR 16,800,000, out of which the total electrical plus mechanical systems cost is EUR 6,241,200 and the rest EUR 10,683,400 is the total civil cost of the building.

Envelope costs 10683400 EUR
Systems costs 6241200 EUR
Total investment costs 16800000 EUR
Yearly energy costs -19548 EUR/year

Investment cost

Absolute building investment costs

Specific building investment cost

Annual Costs

Absolute annual costs
Specific annual cost


Local Currency INR

Energy prices

Electricity 0.1150 EUR/kWh

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