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Shading devices play a major part in the energy efficiency of a building as they determine the extra load of the building whether from lighting or external radiation. The principal role of shading elements is to protect fenestrations as well as walls from direct solar radiation, while their secondary role is to protect openings from diffuse and reflected radiation. Special care should be taken with skylights and roof glazing as the insolation on these surfaces in summer in temperate climates and throughout the year in hot climates is near direct and can penetrate the building more easily. Shading devices can also have an effect on the ventilation as well reducing glare and contrast levels and enhancing visual comfort. The affectivity of a façade shading element is highly dependant on the orientation of the Façade and seasonal variation as well as climate which determine the angle of the solar insolation reaching the façade Shading elements are thus most effective when selectively planned for each façade and climate.

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