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An electric chiller is a machine producing chilled water for air conditioning purposes. Chilled water is typically procured at 4 - 6 °C. It works on the principle of vapour-compression refrigeration cycle. Common refrigerants used in chillers are R 22, R 12, R 123, R 134A Ammonia. Commercially available chillers vary in capacity from 50 kW to 5 MW or even more in specialized conditions. Typical life expectancy of electrical chillers is approximately 25-30 years.


Improvements in chiller and cooling tower systems offer significant savings in energy consumption. Chillers with efficient compressors with magnetic levitation bearing, variable frequency drives for refrigerant flow, heat recovery chillers; improved heat exchangers are some of the best available technolo-gies in the field. Cooling towers with inverter driven multiple speed fans are much more efficient than single speed fans. Some of them are listed below.

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