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Electric chillers are used to cool multiple dwellings in a residential complex, apartment building and commercial buildings. Chillers account for approximately 9.4% of the total cooling market by value (BSRIA, 2013). Energy cost of operating chillers could be in the range of 50-90% of total life cycle costs. Overall energy savings potential by using BAT chiller against average chiller is in the range 10% to 30% annually with an incremental capital cost of 25% to 75% and a payback period of 3-7 years.


Worldwide market value of chillers, divided into four regions, i.e., Americas (17%), Asia Pacific (48%), Europe (20%) and bloc of Middle East, India and Africa (16%) (BSRIA, 2013). High growth regions include India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South America, Brazil, Mexico and South East Asia. Besides, cooling demand chiller market is strongly associated with country’s economy and growth in construction sector.

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