Policy Guide

Good practice package for buildings in Germany

Title Status Description
Policy roadmap and targets for Ultra-Low-Energy Buildings Implemented

Energy Concept pursuing a double strategy of energy efficiency and renewable energies in order to establish a climate neutral building stock by 2050

Energy-efficient spatial planning and urban district planning Implemented

KfW programme; local programmes, such as Hanover’s Kronsberg district

Energy agencies Implemented

Dena works on technical building issues while the KfW is in charge of financial elements

Energy efficiency funds Not Implemented

Energy saving obligations for energy companies Not Implemented

Government agencies and budget Implemented

KfW, BAFA with government budget; a small new EE funds

Removal/reform of subsidies to end-user energy prices and on energy supply Not Implemented

Energy/CO2 taxation and emissions trading Implemented

Energy tax exists for heating fuels and electricity German power plants and large industrial companies must comply with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Regulation of energy companies Implemented

Decoupling of revenues from energy volume for distribution network operators, but no explicit cost recovery for energy efficiency programmes

Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) Implemented

The EnEV is tightened every few years; requires relatively low-energy buildings (ca. 60 to 70 kWh/m2/yr) since 2009; for 2021 ultra-low energy buildings planned

Other legal requirements Implemented

Individual metering (HeizkostenVO); heating and cooling system inspections; Smart Metering

Mandatory energy performance certificates & equipment labels Implemented

Home sellers/landlords must hand over the Energy Performance Certificate to buyers/tenants upon request, soon also publish them; mandatory since 2009

Energy advice & assistance during design and construction Implemented

A broad network of state accredited energy consultants exists and several programmes via consumer agencies, KfW, energy agencies, energy companies, independent advisors; e.g., Energielotsen Hanover, KfW-supported advisors during construction/refurbishment

Provision of information Implemented

Via Consumer Information Centres as well as many campaigns information are provided: Online databases of LEB/ULEB; CO2Online internet platform The Energy Efficiency Initiative of the BMWi provides respective building information online

Financial Incentives for ULEB and deep retrofits Implemented

The KfW provides financial incentives via the EE Refurbishment Programme and the EE Construction Programme The KfW Energetic City Refurbishment provides funding for energy efficient urban planning

Financing Implemented

The KfW provides preferential loans via the EE Refurbishment Programme and the EE Construction Programme and the programme for enterprises

Education & training Implemented

German federal states (Länder), chambers of architects, or KfW

Certification of qualified actors Implemented

BAFA programme for energy advisors

Energy efficiency clusters / networks Implemented

The management system LEEN supports energy efficiency networks of enterprises

Promotion of energy services for energy savings Implemented

Federal government programme for energy performance contracting in its own buildings; Energiesparpartnerschaft Berlin; other state promotion programmes

Funding for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) projects Implemented

Dena carries out research via the Niedrigenergiehaus programme, which consists of nearly 500 newly constructed or refurbished residential and non-residential buildings Research for Energy-Optimised Construction programme supports research in demonstration objects

Public sector programmes Implemented

Local authorities, Länder and federal governments

Competitions & awards Implemented

Families competed for living in an Efficiency House Plus for some time In 2009, in total €120,000 in prize money were distributed via the Efficiency House – Energy Efficiency and good Architecture


  • Aydin, Vera (Lead author)
  • Adisorn, Thomas (Author)
  • Thomas, Stefan (Reviewer)

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