Policy Guide

Good practice package for buildings in Singapore

Title Status Description
Policy roadmap and targets for Ultra-Low-Energy Buildings Implemented

Green Building Masterplan; further supplementary goals (e.g. greening 30% older HDB estates, training 20,000 PMETs)

Energy-efficient spatial planning and urban district planning Implemented

Promotion of high density development and public transport

International co-operation Implemented

International co-operation is facilitated by the BCA in various fields such as research and GMS promotion, as well as the international green building conferences

Energy agencies Implemented

Energy Market Authority, Building and Construction Authority and other agencies

Energy efficiency funds not implemented


Energy saving obligations for energy companies not implemented


Government agencies and budget Implemented

The budget for energy efficiency measures in the building sector is considered to be around EUR 430 million (UNESCAP /ATI 2012) and programmes are implemented by government agencies

Removal/reform of subsidies to end-user energy prices and on energy supply Implemented

The government has deliberately avoided subsidising energy consumption

Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) Implemented

Envelope Thermal Transfer Value and Residential Envelope Transmittance Value

Other legal requirements Implemented

Energy manager obligation for companies with more than 15 GWH/yr, Energy audits on cooling systems for new and retrofitted commercial and public buildings, Energy consumption monitoring for hotels, retail malls and offices

Mandatory energy performance certificates & equipment labels Implemented

Green Mark Scheme (since 2013 the voluntary Green Mark certification has become mandatory for hotels, malls and offices installing or replacing their ventilation system)

Energy advice & assistance during design and construction Implemented

Design for Efficiency Scheme

Energy audits & advice & assistance during retrofit not implemented


Provision of information Implemented

Green Mark Scheme, zero emission buildings, Green Building Week, Energy Efficiency Index, www.e2singapore.gov.sg, Built Environment Leadership Award, Green Mark Award

Feedback and measures on behaviour Implemented

Eco-living campaign in South-Western part of Singapore

Financial Incentives for ULEB and deep retrofits Implemented

Green Mark Incentive Scheme (GMIS), Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance, Green Mark Gross Floor Area Scheme, GMIS Design Prototype and others

Financing not implemented


Education & training Implemented

Singapore Certified Energy Manager scheme

Certification of qualified actors Implemented

Singapore Certified Energy Manager scheme

Energy efficiency clusters / networks Implemented

Energy Efficiency National Partnership

Promotion of energy services for energy savings Implemented

Guaranteed Energy Saving Performance Contracts

Funding for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) projects Implemented

Zero Energy Building (ZEB) demonstration building

Public sector programmes Implemented

Housing and Development Board (HDB) special energy efficiency goal and implementation

Competitions & awards Implemented

Built Environment Leadership Award, Green Mark Award


  • Adisorn, Thomas (Lead author)
  • Kiyar, Dagmar (Reviewer)
  • Thomas, Stefan (Reviewer)

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