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Low-Energy Building
Year 2104
Location Chembur, India | OSM
State Maharashtra
Area (TFA) 6968 m2
Dwellings 42
Cost 323 EUR/m2
Consumption 65.4 kWh/m2/year (primary energy)
Specific Primary Energy Demand in KWh/m2a

BPCL Chembur is a residential tower located in Maharashtra in a hot and humid climatic zone (as per bigEE climate classification). The building is owned by Bharat Petroleum Corporation limited, a public sector company. The building consists of 42 dwelling units. The building has been de-signed by CNA Architects, Mumbai. The construction of the building was completed in 2014. The building is a certified green building under the GRIHA green building rating system. The building has achieved a 4 star rating.

Overall performance

The annual energy consumption of the building has been simulated in visdoe and the total ener-gy consumption of the building accounts to 4,55,869 units. Energy performance index of the building is 56.98kWh/m2/year.

Cost and effectiveness

The total cost of the project is 2,590,000 Euro, out of which the building envelope cost accounts for 1,890,000 Euro and the technical installation cost is 700,000 EUR.


CNA Architects

Construction company
Realcon Infra Projects, Mumbai

Bharat petroleum corporation limited

Building basics

Year of completion 2104
Number of units 42
Number of occupants None people
Elevation 14 m

Building areas

Special features

  • The existing trees on the site have been preserved.
  • Low flow water fixtures are installed in the building to reduce the water demand of the build-ing.
  • Approximately, 80 % reduction has been achieved in landscape water demand by planting native species, trees and ensuring usage of efficient irrigation technology.
  • High grade steel and concrete has been adopted to optimize the embodied energy of the structure in the interiors.
  • Materials with recycled content such as fly ash brick were used for the construction purposes.
  • Locally available building materials have been used in the building such as athangudi tiles.
  • All the paints, adhesives, sealants used in the building are of low VOC content.

The external wall assembly comprises of AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete blocks) which have higher thermal resistance values as compared to the conventional brick wall. The external roof of the building comprises of RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) with water proofing treatment. The Aluminium frame with aluminium sliding windows has been provided in the building. The single glazed 6 mm thickness glass with low SHGC value has been used in the building. The SHGC of the glass is 0.42 with a tinted coating which helps in reducing the heat gains in the building.

Type of construction Middle
Thermal bridging No thermal bridging
Air tightness No special attention to air tightness
Shading Fixed external shading elements

Ground floor
U-value 2.100 W/m2K
Total thickness 33.00 cm
Total area m2
Material Thickness Thermal conductivity λ
Brick 13.00 cm None W/mK
PCC Slab 15.00 cm None W/mK
Cement Mortar 4.00 cm None W/mK
Ceramic Tile 1.00 cm None W/mK
(From outside to inside)
External walls
U-value 1.400 W/m2K
Total thickness 19.00 cm
Total area m2
Material Thickness Thermal conductivity λ
Cement Plaster 2.00 cm None W/mK
ACC Block 15.00 cm None W/mK
Cement Plaster 2.00 cm None W/mK
(From outside to inside)


U-value window None W/m2K
Total area 368 m2
Glass infill Air
Coating/Tint Yes
Solar heat gain coefficient 0.42
U-value glass 2.10 W/m2K
U-value window frame None W/m2K

Passive strategies

The building is a residential complex located in Mumbai. No centralized cooling and heating sys-tem has been planned in the design phase. The installation of the cooling system in the apart-ments is based on the choice of the apartment owners.

Indoor design temperature summer 28 °C
Indoor design temperature winter 22 °C

Heating system

No heating system has been installed in the building, as there is no requirement of heating.

Cooling system

The split air conditioners have been installed in most of the apartments of the building, which are mostly BEE 1 star or 3 star rated.

Hot water system

There is no hot water system considered in the design phase, however the apartment owners have installed the electrical geysers as per their needs.

Ventilation system

The building spaces are naturally ventilated, comprising of ceiling fans in the rooms.

Power generation

A 16kWp rooftop solar photovoltaic system has been installed in the building for generation of electricity. The annual generation from this is 22960 kWh. Almost 20% of the total internal lighting load is fed by the PV system.

Detailed information on installed power generators not known.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances

The artificial lighting system of the building comprises of tubular fluorescent lamp and LED fixtures.

The annual energy consumption is 455,869 kWh. Out of which 432,909 units are consumed from grid supply and rest are generated from solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof top.

Primary energy consumption 455869.00 kWh/year
Primary energy consumption (ref. building) 717704.00 kWh/year
Specific primary energy consumption 65.40 kWh/m2/year
Specific primary energy consumption (ref. building) 103.00 kWh/m2/year
Differentiated specific primary energy demand and production

Accumulated specific primary energy demand and production

The total cost of the project is 2,590,000 Euro, out of which the building envelope cost accounts for 1,890,000 Euro and the technical installation cost is 700,000 Euro.

*Lifetime of building envelope and systems has bee assumed as 50 years and 20 years respectively. 

Envelope costs 1890000 EUR
Systems costs 1260272 EUR
Total investment costs 2590000 EUR
Cost: 371.60 EUR/m2
Yearly energy costs 56983 EUR/year

Investment cost

Absolute building investment costs

Specific building investment cost

Annual Costs

Absolute annual costs
Specific annual cost


Local Currency INR

Energy prices

Electricity 0.1250 EUR/kWh

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