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Asset Aura

Low-Energy Building
Year 2016
Municipality Gunjur
Location Bangalore, India | OSM
State Karnataka
Area (TFA) 15576 m2
Dwellings 125
Cost None EUR/m2
Consumption 35 kWh/m2/year (primary energy)
Specific Primary Energy Demand in KWh/m2a

Asset Aura is a residential building complex located in the Bangalore which falls under temperate climatic zone as per bigEE classification. The construction of the building was completed in 2015. The building is certified under GRIHA green building rating system. The design approach of the building focuses on natural ventilation, higher efficiency of electro mechanical systems installed and integration of renewable energy system in the building. The building is designed and constructed by Asset design group, Bangalore.

Overall performance

The measured energy consumption of the building in the year 2016 is 35kWh/m2/yr. Various measures undertaken to improve the overall performance of the building are:
  • External shading was provided and efficient glazing systems were installed to reduce the solar heat gain and to avoid glare in the building.
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures have been installed in the building, with occupancy based sensors.

Cost and effectiveness

The total cost of the building is 1,995,000 Euro, out of which the cost of the building envelope cost is 1,855,000 Euro and the cost of the technical installations is 140,000 Euro.


Asset Builder

Asset Builder

Building basics

Year of completion 2016
Number of units 125
Number of occupants None people
Elevation None m

Building areas

Special features

  • Low flow water fixtures have been installed to minimize the water wastage.
  • Interiors are furnished using low energy materials.
  • Energy efficient artificial lighting system, comprising of LED’s and tubular fluorescent lamps, has been installed in the building.
  • The building receives adequate daylight.

The building envelope comprises of heavy weight construction. The external walls are made up of AAC blocks and rendered with external plaster measuring a U value 0f 2 W/m2K.

The ground floor comprises of 1 cm thick vitrified tiles, 5cm thick cement mortar, 15 cm thick RCC slab and 20 cm thick cement plaster with the U value 0f .33 W/m2K and total surface area of 3,340 m2.

The external roof of the building consists of 30 cm thick external coir pith, 5 cm thick geo textile, 15 cm thick RCC slab and 20 cm thick internal ceiling plaster measuring a U value of .44 W/m2K and a surface area of 3,340m2.

All windows are double-glazed with gas filling (SHGC 0.45) and aluminium frame. Total window area inclusive of the frame is 1,028 m2.

Type of construction Middle

External walls
U-value 2.000 W/m2K
Total thickness 0.19 cm
Total area m2
Material Thickness Thermal conductivity λ
External plaster 0.02 cm None W/mK
AAC block 0.15 cm None W/mK
Internal plaster 0.02 cm None W/mK
(From outside to inside)


U-value window 5.00 W/m2K
Total area None m2
Glass infill
Solar heat gain coefficient 0.45
U-value glass None W/m2K
U-value window frame None W/m2K

Passive strategies

The building has been designed for natural ventilation, with proper arrangement of windows to enhance cross ventilation in the building.

Additional information

There is adequate daylight in the building and high performance glazing has been used to reduce the solar heat gain in the building. Most of the materials used, by quantity, for subassembly, internal partitions, false ceiling, and in built furniture are obtained from low energy materials having recycled content. Flush doors and granite doorframes have been installed in order to reduce the usage of hard wood in the interiors.

There is no central heating or cooling system installed in the building. Most of the spaces of the building are designed for natural ventilation.

Indoor design temperature summer 28 °C
Indoor design temperature winter 22 °C

Cooling system

Packaged air conditioning system comprising of cassette and split AC’s has been installed in the building. The ACs installed in the building have a minimum of 3 star BEE rating. The ACs are intended to be used during peak discomfort season.

Hot water system

No hot water system has been installed in the building

Ventilation system

The building spaces are designed for natural ventilation with ceiling fans and manual operation of windows.

Power generation

A 10 kWp rooftop photovoltaic system has been installed in the building.

Detailed information on installed power generators not known.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances

Energy efficient lighting has been used such as LED lighting for outdoors and efficient tubular fluorescent lights for interiors.

Total energy consumption demand of the building is met using both the grid connected electric power supplied to the building and the captive power generated in the building using solar PV system. The building consumed a total of 54,516 kWh in the year 2016.

Primary energy consumption 545160.00 kWh/year
Primary energy consumption (ref. building) 1557600.00 kWh/year
Specific primary energy consumption 35.00 kWh/m2/year
Specific primary energy consumption (ref. building) 100.00 kWh/m2/year
Differentiated specific primary energy demand and production

Accumulated specific primary energy demand and production

The total cost of the building is 1,995,000 Euro, out of which building envelope cost is 1,855,000Euro and technical installations cost is 140,000Euro.

Envelope costs 132500000 EUR
Systems costs 10000000 EUR
Total investment costs 142500000 EUR
Cost: 9148.00 EUR/m2

Investment cost

Absolute building investment costs

Specific building investment cost

Annual Costs

Absolute annual costs
Specific annual cost


Local Currency INR
Currency rate to EUR 0.01400 (May 2, 2017)

Energy prices

Electricity 0.1250 EUR/kWh

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