Policy Guide

Good practice package for appliances in United States (California)

Title Status Description
Policy roadmap and targets for very efficient appliances Implemented

Assembly Bill 32, Climate Change Scoping Plan, Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan

International co-operation Implemented

California is part of the Western Climate Initiative, Co-operation with the Province of Jiangsu in China

Energy agencies Implemented

State level: California Energy Commission and California Public Utilities Commission; Federal level: Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy

Energy saving obligations for energy companies Implemented

Each utility company must provide energy efficiency programmes and services: Energy Efficiency Portfolios and Budgets approved by the California Public Utilities Commission

Energy efficiency funds Implemented

Each utility company must provide energy efficiency programmes and services: Energy Efficiency Portfolios and Budgets approved by the California Public Utilities Commission; Public Goods Charge

Removal/reform of subsidies to end-user energy prices and on energy supply Implemented

The electricity rate is divided into tiers.

Regulation of energy companies Implemented

Cost recovery of energy efficiency programme costs plus performance-based incentives; Decoupling of energy company profits from sales

Minimum energy performance standards Implemented

MEPS were implemented in 1977; currently “2010 Appliance Efficiency Regulation”

Mandatory comparative labelling scheme Implemented

Energy Guide

Voluntary endorsement labelling scheme Implemented


Provision of targeted information Implemented

Product database for customers ENERGY STAR programmes, Flex your power

Feedback and other measures targeting user behaviour Implemented


Financial incentives Implemented

Financial incentives are given by both private and public energy companies. For example, SCE offers a rebate on refrigerators if an ENERGY STAR product is purchased, Energy Management Assistance Program

Financing Not Implemented

Education and training for supply chain actors Implemented

Training of retail sales staff (ENERGY STAR – Retailer Resources)

Energy efficient public procurement Implemented


Research and development funding Implemented

Public Interest Energy Research programme

Competitions and awards Implemented

SERP, Super-efficient Refrigerator Program


  • Tholen, Lena (Lead author)
  • Adisorn, Thomas (Author)
  • Andritzky, Paul (Author)
  • Thomas, Stefan (Reviewer)

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